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Change lives—starting with yours!

A world of untapped potential awaits

As an ASEA associate, you build your business and your future on your terms. Whether it’s supplemental income, a full-time career, or simply enjoying quality products that you can have paid for by sharing with others, there’s an opportunity for you.
  • Generate additional streams of income.
  • Earn bonuses and commissions as you share products.
  • Build teams and connections.
  • We’re here to support you at each step.



associates in 33 countries

We’re more than a product.

We’re a movement.

ASEA is a place where you can awaken to the potential within yourself through a community and connection that are a powerful part of the ASEA redox movement.

People love how ASEA promotes their physical, mental—and entrepreneurial—well-being because our vibrant community and culture of generosity provide true connections, making every day feel more significant and meaningful.

your ideal

Determine your ideal
work-life balance

ASEA is unique not only in our products, science, and technology but in the multiple opportunities we provide for you to generate income and build the life you want. By sharing something you value with others you can earn bonuses, commissions, and incentives.
force for good

Be a force for good

Our culture helps empower you to become more than you are today. Our mission is to better people’s lives and be a force for good in the world. What are you waiting for? Start your business, power your potential, and change the world around you.
your journey

Enjoy full support on your journey

Not only will you receive guidance from your ASEA team, you’ll also have access to training, materials, and events. On top of that, you’ll have technology that puts your business tools right in the palm of your hand—along with insights, updates, and convenient ways for you to stay connected.

Expand your impact through our nonprofit

The ASEA® Advancing Life® Foundation supports incredible causes worldwide to break cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering through volunteer efforts and donations. Improving lives is a credo we embrace so strongly that ASEA matches every dollar donated.

asea alf
expand impact
dream vrt dream hrt

Earn trips to dream destinations

As you build your business and enrich the lives of those around you, you receive recognition and can qualify for incredible trips. Earn the opportunity to visit bucket-list destinations from Mexico to Thailand to Monte Carlo and as a bonus, you can bring a guest to share the experience together.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

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Join for $40 and get access to all our tools and resources to hit the ground running.

Are there any contracts?

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There is no commitment to be an ASEA associate. You build your business on your terms.

Can I cancel anytime?

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Yes, you can cancel your account anytime.

What discounts do I get as an associate?

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Purchase products at 20% savings and earn up to 20% Redox Reward points on subscriptions that can be redeemed for cool stuff or products.

How do commissions and bonuses work?

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There are eight different ways to get paid ranging from commissions paid for selling products to bonuses paid as you grow your team and ASEA business. Commissions are paid weekly!

What are the incentive programs?

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Reward your hard work and achievements with extraordinary experiences in locations throughout the world. Join fellow business builders, celebrate your accomplishments, and get inspired to dream big and become more.

Reach your potential and make the future yours!

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