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ASEA® Redox Cell
Signaling Supplement

Activate genetic pathways to better health

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Help your body’s natural process for cell communication, protection, and balance with active redox signaling molecules. Then, discover what you can do with your life when your body is powered to its fullest potential.*

  • Support entire body systems with one simple supplement
  • Improve your sense of wellness through daily use
  • Genuinely created for every body to support personal health goals
  • Simply put: ASEA® Redox is the easiest way to feel better every day
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5 Star Rating

10 Reviews
  • Danielle M.

    Having lost my health in my 20's due to an auto accident I value it more than anything. Being able to take a supplement that focuses on my cellular health, keeping my trillions of cells communicating and functioning optimally, gives me so much peace of mind and allows me to be proactive in combating toxins in the environment and combating the breakdown that occurs with age. I've been using it daily since 2014 and will never stop!
  • Heather L.

    I am 56 and have felt more energetic since using it for about a year! I also love that I am sleeping better.
  • Kathy B.

    Asea Redox Technology: Unveiling New Levels of Energy, Clarity, and Radiance

    I have been using Asea Redox Technology for 5 months and it has been nothing short of astounding. This product has truly transformed my energy levels, mental clarity, and even the radiance of my eyes!

    A few days after using Asea Redox, I noticed a surge in my energy. Allowing me to be more productive and engaged in both my work and personal life.

    Along with increased energy, my mental clarity has sharpened. As a doctoral student working on my dissertation, I was becoming overwhelmed at the task ahead of me. But, over the past few months I now feel sharper, more focused, and better able to tackle required tasks. My mental clarity has translated into improved decision-making and a heightened sense of overall well-being.

    While I was skeptical at first, my personal experience made me a true believer! The science behind redox signaling molecules is impressive, and the results speak for themselves. Asea Redox Technology has been a welcomed life-giving addition to my daily routine of which I am so grateful! If you're looking to enhance your overall vitality and well-being, I highly recommend exploring the potential of Asea Redox Technology – it's a game- changer.

  • Andrew J.

    I don't get it how I drink this interesting tasting water and just happen to feel better, sleep better, recover better. But I do, and I love it.
  • Megan C.

    I've experienced a boost in my immune system and an enhanced feeling of wellness. It's an essential part of my daily regimen now.
  • Amy S.

    Tastes like summer and works like magic.

    From the boost in my immune system to the enhanced feeling of wellness, this supplement delivers. And let's not forget its unique salty taste that adds an interesting dimension to my daily regimen.
  • Darrell I.

    I use ASEA Redox supplement as part of my pre and post workout supplementation. Working out six days a week, creates soreness in my body. I have felt that with ASEA I can get back into the gym faster and also push myself further.
  • Amy S.

    ASEA Redox has truly transformed my well-being. Its redox signaling molecules work wonders at the cellular level, boosting my energy and vitality.

    The drink is an acquired taste but it is a must-have in my routine. If you're seeking a holistic wellness boost, ASEA Redox is the answer you've been waiting for!

  • Jamie R.

    I was skeptical when I first started using Asea Redox Supplement, but after only three weeks, I’m a believer! I’m noticing subtle and not-so-subtle changes happening in my body. I used to take caffeine twice a day just to make it to bedtime, and now I rarely need it because I have more energy and just feel better overall. Who knew such simple ingredients could make such a huge impact in my health so quickly?
  • Tabatha

    I've been using this for almost 6 months. I feel a drastic difference in my overall wellness.

Overall health and wellness

Inflammatory response

Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response due to an active lifestyle.

Hormone balance

Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness.

External stressors

Support the body’s ability to respond to external stressors.

ars product

Cardiovascular health

Helps maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity.

Gut health

Improve gut health and digestive enzyme production.

Immune system

Improves immune system health.


Science made us possible, and it forever fuels us

Human energy, vitality, and well-being is our ultimate goal—and the path there is paved by an absolute scientific commitment. We review and test each one of our products every step of the way, from inception to impact. On top of meeting FDA requirements for quality testing, we also enlist a third-party laboratory to test and ensure flawless quality so we can be confident in every batch.

Restore balance in your cells

ASEA Redox Supplement users report first-hand that greater wellness and vitality are possible. They feel stronger, whole, energized, revitalized. They feel—and they are—more balanced.

Checkout with confidence

How to use

  • cup with water cup with water

    Adults, take 2 ounces once or twice daily

  • cup with water

    Ages 12 - 18, drink 2 ounces once daily

  • cup with water plus icon

    Modify according to your preference

Simple but powerful ingredients


Breakthrough redox technology

Signals your body at a cellular level to activate genetic pathways.

safe natural

Safe and natural

Natural ingredients and ongoing research to ensure safety and efficacy.

ars product

Cellular messengers

Help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells.

patented process

Patented process

Refined salt and purified water molecules are transformed into redox signaling molecules.


Breakthrough redox technology

Signals your body at a cellular level to activate genetic pathways.


Cellular messengers

Help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells.

safe natural

Safe and natural

Natural ingredients and ongoing research to ensure safety and efficacy.

patented process

Patented process

Refined salt and purified water molecules are transformed into redox signaling molecules.

Feel the difference or it’s free

We put our money where our benefits are. That’s how much we believe in the power of Redox. And if you’re not into it, totally fine. More for us.

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    100% 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee

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    Flexible delivery dates

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    Pause or cancel anytime

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Frequently asked questions

What does redox mean?

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The term redox is scientific shorthand for reduction-oxidation reaction, a biologically important electron-transfer reaction that plays a significant support role in many of the body’s life-sustaining processes, notably energy-providing metabolic functions.

What is cell signaling?

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The healthy upkeep of the body depends on communication between cells in every tissue, organ, and system. This vital intercellular communication ensures that messages are delivered and received to modulate cell life cycle, initiate and sustain repair mechanisms, and perform other restorative processes. The molecules involved in this communication are called cell signaling molecules.

Is cell signaling the same as redox signaling?

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There are different types of cell signaling. Redox cell signaling is one of them. During cellular respiration, the body produces small molecules with redox potential. These are redox molecules, and because many of them can perform cell signaling functions, these types of redox molecules constitute their own important class of cell signaling molecules called redox signaling molecules. Any cell signaling function carried out specifically by redox signaling molecules is known as redox signaling.

How are redox signaling molecules produced?

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Redox signaling molecules are produced in every cell of the body through natural metabolic processes. Things changed in the early 2000s, when ASEA developed our groundbreaking, patented process to produce and stabilize redox signaling molecules from refined salt and purified water—making the first supplement on the market verified to contain active redox signaling molecules.

If the body produces redox signaling molecules, why would I need a redox supplement?

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While most ordinary dietary supplements only provide nutrients that the human body does not synthesize, the biological deficiencies caused by aging and cellular breakdown go much deeper than sheer nutrition. As stress, diet, air quality, and other environmental factors cause cellular breakdown over time, the body’s naturally supplied balance of redox signaling molecules is compromised—creating a need for supplemental redox molecules like those found in ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement.

Is there a connection between redox signaling and gene expression?

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In 2016, ASEA commissioned a scientific study that used gene expression as the key performance indicator for the ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement. The study found that, over eight weeks, those who drank ASEA Redox daily experienced a 20–31% stable, beneficial change in gene expression in five genes involved in different signaling pathways.

What is gene expression?

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The nucleus is the cellular “brain;” it holds information about the cell’s specialized function in small segments of DNA called genes. Gene expression is the process by which genetic information is accessed and translated into cellular function. Without it, cells would be unable to perform life-sustaining tasks. The supplemental redox molecules found in ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement have been shown to affect genetic expression in a positive way, helping to protect and enhance cellular function.

What is pathway signaling?

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A series of reactions (or cascades) initiated by cell signals that lead to cellular responses to maintain body functions that help maintain the balanced biological activity that keeps your body functioning. Signaling pathways guide the progression of these cellular responses, including genetic responses, determining their scope and overall effect in the body. Some pathways are extensive and can influence a wide range of physiological behaviors. For example, the genes affected by ASEA Redox play a significant role in influencing five key areas of health:
  • Vascular health
  • Immune system response
  • Inflammatory response due to an active lifestyle
  • Hormone balance
  • Gut health
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